Peli UK is currently running the Emergency Service Heroes campaign, which aims to give back to members of the emergency services for their continuous heroic efforts that help to keep the general public safe from harm. The campaign is open to anyone and everyone in the UK, and all that’s needed from you is for you to nominate your local emergency service teams and give a reason why they deserve the prize. Nominated teams will then go into the running to win £2000 to spend on Peli products.

You may be wondering, ‘what’s the link between Peli and the emergency services?’. In fact, Peli UK already provides a range of emergency service equipment to teams across the UK. From hard cases to house paramedic supplies, to torches for police equipment kits, there are a number of instances where Peli products are currently used in the emergency services.

To provide a greater insight into how the campaign prize could help your local emergency service teams, we’ve taken a look as some of the equipment we already provide and how it’s used by these tremendous teams.


As police equipment suppliers, many of our unwheeled cases are used by police forces across the country. Police teams spend a lot of time on the road travelling from scene to scene, and our unwheeled cases provide a protective solution that is easy to transport to and from different locations.

Cases such as the Peli 1500 protector case are heavy duty, easy to transport, corrosion-proof, waterproof, dustproof and crushproof, making them the perfect tools to house essential police equipment.

Fire Brigade

Firefighting equipment in the UK and worldwide doesn’t just need to be heavy-duty, it has to be able to withstand the intense conditions that firefighters expose themselves to every single day. That’s why, as trusted fire and rescue equipment suppliers, some of our most commonly used purchased products by the fire brigade includes ATEX approved torches, such as the 3415 Zone 0 and 3610 Zone 0.

These intrinsically safe torches can be used in potentially hazardous conditions without the risk of ignition and/or explosion. The zone classification number dictates the conditions in which the products can be safely used in.

Powerful LED torches such as the Peli 3410 are also an essential tool for members of the fire brigade. Firefighters don’t just spend their shifts tackling blazes, they’re also called to incidents involving road-traffic accidents and collapsed buildings.

Having a bright and powerful torch on hand in these dangerous situations, can them help to see any damage more clearly and to figure out the best solution. Not only this, but torches such as the 3410 come with a magnetic clip and a lanyard allowing for hands-free lighting, so that firefighters have more freedom to work on the task at hand.


Area lighting systems such as the Peli 9440 are a vital part of paramedic supplies. These powerful floodlights light up large areas, so that paramedics and medical teams can carry out emergency procedures safely and easily.

Not only does this light a large area with one source, the Peli 9440 also weighs just 7.3kg and comes with an adjustable carry strap, making it easy to transport between different locations.

The Peli 2220 is a powerful handheld torch which can also be used hands-free, making it the perfect tool for those in the NHS. It’s useful for nurses on the ward, as well as for members of emergency medical response teams, as it is also ATEX approved and safe to use in hazardous atmospheres.

The torch’s small size, hands-free clip and light weight makes it easy to transport and access when needed. The Peli 2220 also has a maximum lumen output of 9 and up to 34 hours of running time, offering reliable lighting for those lengthy shifts on the ward.

Similarly to the police force, NHS staff and paramedics need lightweight carrying solutions to transport and securely house medical supplies. This is why our unwheeled heavy duty cases, such as the Peli 1460 Protector EMS case, are the ideal solution for the emergency services.

This case is both tough and lightweight, making it easy to transport and providing safe storage for the essential contents inside.

The equipment we provide helps the UK’s emergency service teams to carry out their job to a high standard, all whilst keeping us all safe and sound. That’s why we’re making the effort to give a huge thank you to the emergency services for their heroic efforts, and providing a prize that can be put to use in their everyday lives.

Don’t forget! You only have until Thursday 31st May to nominate your emergency service heroes, so don’t hesitate to fill in the form on the Emergency Service Heroes page and give back to those who deserve it.