Back in 2016, an innovative new range of Peli cases was born.

Peli Air cases, just like their cousins in the Protector range, are Waterproof, Crushproof and Dustproof, but what makes them unique?

The defining feature of the Peli Air range of cases is that they are injection moulded from the next generation of lightweight HPX™ resin, a proprietary formula that rebounds without breaking. They are also built using honeycomb structural elements that are actually stronger than solid polymer material itself, so while this makes them just as rugged and tough as their Protector counterparts, they weigh in up to 40% less than regular polymer cases.

And if that wasn’t enough, things just got deep...

The Peli Air range has recently just gained three new additions to the family.

These are:




The added depth to these cases makes the ideal choice for those who need to store larger items such as drones and video cameras, but still require a protective case that’s lightweight enough to easily transport.

The new deeper Peli Air Cases are also completely customisable to suit your requirements, so if you need that extra bit of protection, each of the cases comes with the option to purchase with Pick N Pluck Foam or Padded Dividers. And of course, they all come with the Peli legendary Lifetime Guarantee.