As an organisation, we believe that graduates, who have dedicated their time and finances to study, deserve more than the culture of unpaid internships currently on offer for them. So, we decided to do something a little different, by collaborating with a local university to create a competition that would give the chance for one of its photography students to win a commercial photography contract.

The ultimate winner from our shortlist will be awarded a twelve-month commercial photography contract to work with us, where one day out of each month, we’ll send them on their merry way to a location of our choice to take some first-rate shots of our products in action.

How our shortlist came to be

After a handful of phone calls and meetings between ourselves and MMU, we agreed a structure of the competition. MMU were kind/brave enough to let our Head of Digital Marketing come and speak to the students to encourage them to enter the competition. Given that he spends the majority of his day talking about the ‘wider issues’ and swearing at the internet, we’re pleased/surprise to say his presence didn’t injuriously impact on the amount of entrants to the competition. In fact, well over 30 students and graduates submitted their portfolios for consideration on our dedicated competition webpage. The quality of work was astounding, so judging definitely wasn’t an easy process!

In a collaborative effort between Peli, MMU and, for good measure, professional photographers, Christopher Bethell and Bekky Lonsdale, we managed to pick out an excellent list of shortlisters, if we do say so ourselves.

The Shortlist (in alphabetical order)

Amy Smithers

Amy is mainly studio-based, specialising in portraiture, beauty and fashion photography... read more

Chloe Bromilow

Chloe's professional portfolio features large event arenas, including theatres, night clubs, and large open air venues... read more

Hayleigh Longman

Hayleigh's practice is documentary in a personal and conceptual display... read more

Joe Roper

Joe's main fascination with the world is nature and landscape... read more

Joseph Clarkson

Joseph's practice as a fine art approach to fashion photography... read more

Kathleen Dipper

Kat's practice is centered around themes of memory, place and time... read more

Matt Leeves

Although Matt’s work varies in context, he chooses to draw on personal experiences... read more

Nathan Cutler

Nathan uses analogue methodologies, typically medium format film... read more

Sacha Brisdion

Sacha’s practice revolves around a curiosity to look deeper into different connections and relationships... read more

Warren Davies

Warren's current work researches into gay men and their relationship to the LGBT community... read more

What happens next?

Our ten shortlisters have all been given the same final brief to work from, and must submit ten original images based on the brief by 18th May 2018.

We’ve had some really strong ideas come back from our entrants already, so inevitably, we’re really excited about the next stages of the competition!

The ten shortlisters were given a choice of prize between the 1510 Protector case, 1535 Air case, and the iM2500 Storm case with Trekpak dividers. The candidates’ chosen case will be used as the subject for their final brief submissions. Once all of the submissions for the final brief are in, they’ll be put to another vote between Peli and MMU.

The winner will be announced at the 2018 MMU Photography Degree Show on 8th June 2018.