If you’re looking for a protective case for your valuable belongings, it’s natural that you’ll only want the very best. Whether you’re looking for the best protective case for delicate equipment or prized possessions, you need to make sure the case you choose will protect it from whatever life could throw at you.

If you’re considering purchasing a Peli protective case, take a look below at a few of the unique Peli features you may not find in other brands.

IP67 rating

If you’re looking for a rugged case that can stand up to the test of even the most challenging of environments, you should check that it has a high IP rating. IP ratings indicates how well a case can withstand solid and liquid foreign bodies. Many of the cases produced by Peli have an IP67 rating which means:

  • They are completely dust tight
  • They protect against immersion in up to 1m of liquid for 30 minutes

To find out more about IP ratings and what they mean, take a look at our IP ratings guide here.

Lifetime guarantee

All Peli protective cases come with our famous lifetime guarantee. If your case breaks or there is a default with it, we’ll replace it for free. This is valid for the lifetime of your case, so you can put your Peli through its paces for years to come and never worry about needing to buy a replacement.

Endless storage possibilities

We have a range of storage options to fit whatever kit you need. Our Pick ’n’ Pluck foam makes for an adaptable storage option, or padded dividers are a great alternative if you need a multi-use case.

If you’re constantly changing what you keep in your case, take a look at our TrekPak dividers which are designed to make changing up your case layout quick and easy.

Lightweight and portable

Despite being tough and rugged, Peli Air cases are lightweight and portable, making them great protective flight cases. No matter where you’re travelling, keeping your kit in a wheeled protective case from Peli will make sure it’s protected from the bumps and knocks that are part and parcel of travel.

What’s more, many of our cases have an automatic pressure equalisation valve which means that your case will always open easily, even after the pressure changes you’ll experience on a flight.

Trusted by professionals all over the world

Alongside all of our unique features that make Peli cases legendary, the fact that they are relied upon by professionals the world over each day is a testament to the quality of Peli products and the customer service that comes along with them. Peli protective cases are used by emergency services, militaries, photographers and creatives, amongst others, so you know you’re in good hands with us!

Take a look at our full range of protective cases here, and find the perfect case for you and your equipment!