What would you do if you got a flat tyre in the South Gobi Desert? I know it is often a predicament we speak about around the water cooler here at Peli UK. Warehouse Manager, Rick, tells us of the time he broke down in Swansea. Although it was inconvenient, it doesn’t really feel like an adequate comparison. Sorry, Rick.

Adventurer, Randy Toelle, was out the south Gobi desert in Mongolia a while back, and had a flat tire on his vehicle. After many a wasted minute trying to contact Green Flag, Randy tried to help the crew change the tire.

“The guys I was with did not want me to help change it; they told me they had flats all the time. After they got the tire and wheel off, they knocked the truck off the jack and into the sand, and went looking for rocks to use to jack the rig back up.”

Can a Peli Case Hold Up a Truck?

Frustrated with the time wasted, Randy took it upon himself to prop the truck with his very own Peli case and changed the flat while the crew looked for rocks.

“I never had a doubt about the ability of the case to handle the load. We had a lot of gear in the rig. The crew were astounded, but they are Peli believers now!”

So there you go. Next time you’re at at the water cooler and Simon, from HR, starts arguing about the complex mechanics of wheel changing in the South Gobi Desert, you know that all you need is a Peli Case.

In your face, Simon.