Could you survive being mauled by a ferocious, man eating lion in the Zambezi?

Meet Ross O’Donoghue, the man whose 1150 Protector Case survived a vicious attack by Shumba the lion, on a recent trip through Zimbabwe. Don’t let the name fool you… Shumba is a ruthless killer. He pounced without warning, setting about to destroy the heroic little 1150 with his long, unforgiving canines.

So, can a Peli Case survive a fight with a lion?

He roared; he bit; he clawed at the case, but to no avail. Our polypropylene prince withstood the ordeal.  This picture was snapped just moments before the 1150 was snatched from the fangs of the blood thirsty killer.

Lion with Peli Case


After that day Ross knew more than ever that he was in good hands with his 1150. He set about on his rock bashing hike into the Zambezi valley, followed by a generous helping of white water rafting, knowing all too well that his case would survive anything the world could throw at them.

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