Just for the record, we can guarantee that this post will brighten up your day. Introducing the 7600, the most powerful tactical torch in the Peli range to date. With the latest LED technology along with great features and compact design (157mm long and weighing 201g), this sublime torch offers up to 944 lumens of bright white light and provides high, strobe, medium and low lighting modes. The beam distance, on high mode of course, is an impressive 255m. If white light doesn’t get you excited, the two additional LED colour modes (Red & Green) definitely will. All whilst meeting range of tactical needs.

The Peli 7100 is the latest addition to the compact tactical torch range and follows on from the introduction of the 7600 torch offering both a neat design and high performance. Could it be any more of a fine specimen? The 7100 provides 695 lumens of light output and a beam distance of 194m on high power, yet is only 13cm long and weighs in at 124.7g.  Its size definitely doesn’t affect its performance.

Both torches offer four lighting modes (high, strobe, medium and low) with an option to program the torch to personalise which light modes are used. As well as the vast array of lighting options, the torches have a rechargeable battery with a USB charging port to provide easy charging whilst home, away or even sat in McDonalds. Yes, I know it’s incredible, you can charge things at a McDonalds now! Torches, meet the 21st Century.

The full time battery level indicator ensures you will always know the charge status of the battery. The only question you will have to ask yourself is: Do I charge my phone or my Peli Torch? Believe me, there is only one correct answer. Charge your phone, because your Peli Torch doesn’t have the lifespan of an ice cream on a summer’s day. The convenience of using an AA disposable battery if the rechargeable battery is depleted offers total flexibility and the assurance that you will never be without light when you need it most. The castellated heads immediately warn that the torches are still on if placed lens down as light can be seen between the castellation.

The removable pocket clip and waterproof aluminium body complete the key features of the Peli 7600 and 7100 tactical torches making them the perfect companions for investigation, search and rescue or for when you have to climb into the loft and fight off the hordes of spiders.

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